Sissil Frostbreath

Pale Swordswoman from the Far North.


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Sissil is approximately three feet tall, and weighs roughly 30 pounds. She is albino, and has pale skin, silvery-white hair, and red eyes. She tends to wear a wide brimmed hat or a hooded cloak at almost all times, along with a long sleeved tunic, gloves, breeches, and boots. Over this she may be wearing her armor, which has been painted a dull blue color. On the shoulder of both her tunic and her armor, is the insignia of the Iron Guard. A sheath at her hip holds her rapier when it isn’t in use.
Sissil is a strong believer in personal word over law or order, but doesn’t steadfastly ignore laws just to ignore them. While she admits that the Iron Guard paid well, she joined more because it let her put her natural talents to good use.

Sissil was born ‘different’. Pale skin. red eyes. Hair the color of snow. Once she was old enough to walk, strings of bad luck happened around her, where she had the fortune of surviving the ensuing troubles. It took not much time for her own home community to want nothing more to do with her, and, while not directly kicking her out, they made her unwelcome as possible. Taking the hint, she struck out on her own. Finding nothing she really excelled at with the dwarves but the occasional bar brawl. This lead her into the lands of the undead. The Iron Guard, out to deal with a flock of irredeemable undead, found Sissil, standing her ground. Several skeletons already knocked down. And the remaining one standing filled with malevolent intelligence and wielding a sword, vs the girl wielding a single walrus tusked dagger. The girl would later claim that blade as her own, after finishing her foe off. It was with the Iron Guard that Sissil finally found a home, if temporary, and honed her skills.

“I do not know if there is a true ‘higher power’. I don’t know what form such would take if there is one. I know I have two hands with which to shape the world, for better or worse.”
“I hold no anger over my past of sorrows. I have left it behind. My blade cuts the present.”

Sissil’s History: Tuskihime – Track 08
Present Day – Peaceful: LiSa – This Illusion (UBW 2015)
Present Day – Battle: GGX2 – Moontide

Death’s Final Kiss:
A steel rapier, with a wing-shaped crossguard and a basket hilt that has been shaped to resemble, vaugely, a skull.

Sissil Frostbreath

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