Things That Go *Boom*

Levels: Alchemist 6
Favored Class: Alchemist 
+1/2 bomb/day or +1hp
HP: 44/44 (30.5+12c+2fav)
AC: 19, Touch 14, Flatfooted 16
BAB: +4
Attack Rolls:
Splash Weapons: Touch attack: 1d20+9 Damage Per Item
Bombs Per Day: 13/13 Bombs (6Class +5int +2fav)
Crossbow: Regular attack 1d20+8 Damage: 1d8 Pericing
Dagger Melee: Regular Attack: 1d20+5 Damage: 1d3 Peirce or Slash

CMB = +3 (+4BAB +0 str -1 Size)
CMD = 16 (10+4 BAB+0 Str+3 Dex-1 Size)
Extracts/Infusions Per Day:
Level 1: 6
Level 2: 4
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral Good

Stat    Base    Current    Base/Current Modifier To Spend: 
Str     10    	10   	   +0/+0
Dex     14    	16   	   +2/+3
Con   	14    	14    	   +2/+2
Int     19      21    	   +4/+5
Wis   	12    	12         +1/+1
Cha 	14    	14         +2/+2

Saving Throws        Total
Fort                 +9 (+13 vs Poison)        
Ref                  +10        
Will                 +5(+7 Vs Illusion)    

Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, Orc    

Racial Traits: 
+2 Con +2 Char -2 Str
Small; +1 AC +1 attack bonus -1CMB/CMD +4 Stealth.
+4 against Giants
+2 against illusion
+2 perception
+2 craft
Gnome Magic: +1 DC, 1/day: dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals.
+1 against reptilian/goblin type
"gnome" weapons are martial weapons.
Low Light Vision.

Skills:                  Total 
*Appraise                +11
*Craft(Alchemy)          +13(+21 When Creating)
*Craft(other?)           +5
*Disable Device          +6
*Fly                     +2
*Heal                    +10
*Knowledge(Arcana)       +11
*Knowledge(nature)       +11
*Perception:             +10
*Profession:             +1
*Sleight of Hand:        +9
*Spellcraft              +11
*Use Magic Device        +9
Stealth                  +8



Three feet two inches tall. Long, violet hair with bright blue undertones when reflecting the sunlight. Her eyes are a near match for that bright blue hue and a little too large for her face. Not much, just enough for it to be slightly odd. Pale, peach toned skin, deepening to a soft rose for her lips, the lower more full than the upper, a little too wide for the symmetry of her face. Sharp cheekbones and a subtle point to her nose to emphasise her inhuman nature, the tips of her pointed ears frequently peek through the untamed wave of her hair. She has a “soft” body, as she is
an artisan, not a barbarian, with excellent hand-eye co-ordination and a steady touch. She is delicately curved, with the toned limbs that come from being exceedingly active and often roaming. The world is a big place when you have little legs, and even riding is a work out. She is fond of wearing long skirts and short sleeves.

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