The Golden Child

Class: Unchained Monk 3, Unchained Rogue 3
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: True Neutral
STR 10(0)
DEX 21(+5)||23(+6)
CON 16(+3)
INT 12(+1)
WIS 16(+3)||18(+4)
CHA 08(-1)
HP 52
AC 25(10+6dex+4wis+2armor+1dodge+2nat)
BAB +5
FORT +8(4b+3con+1rs) REF +13(6b+6dex+1rs) WILL +7(2b+4wis+1rs)
CMB +5(5bab+0str)
CMD 21(10+0str+6dex+4wis+1dodge)

Attacks, Flurry of Blows: +9/+9 1d6+6
Adopted: Enlightened Warrior(Aasimar) - Can maintain a neutral or neutral good
alignment and still take levels of monk.
Acrobat - +1 to Acrobatics and you take only a –2 penalty instead of the normal 
–5 penalty when using the Climb skill to attempt an accelerated climb.
Acrobatics          +16(6r+6d+3cs+1tr)
Bluff               +10(6r+2rc+-1ch+3cs)
Climb               +9(6r+0st+3cs)
Disable Device      +8(4r+1in+3cs)
Knowledge(Local)    +8(4r+1in+3cs)
Linguistics         +8(4r+1in+3cs)
Perception          +11(4r+4ws+3cs)
Sense Motive        +12(5r+4ws+3cs)
Stealth             +17(6r+2rc+6d+3cs)

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Elven, Orcish, Infernal, Aklo
Improved Unarmed Strike
Stunning Fist
1 Crane Style
1B Dodge
2B Combat Reflexes
3 Armor of the Pit
Weapon Finesse
4B Improved Initiative
5 Fiend Sight
--Racial Abilities--
Low Light Vision
Darkvision 120ft
Skilled: +2 to Bluff and Stealth
Soul Seer: Deathwatch at will as a spell-like ability
Cold, Electricity and Fire Resistance 5
--Class Abilities--
Flurry of Blows(Bonus Attack)
Unarmed Strike 1D6
Fast Movement
Ki Pool 5
Ki Strike(Magic)
Finesse Training 2
Sneak Attack 2D6
Danger Sense +1
Rogue Talents: Combat Trick
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
Bracers of Armor +2
Cloak of Resistance +1
Boots of the Cat
Tengu Drinking Jug
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x4
thieves' tools, masterwork
Signal Whistle
Jewelry, 100gp worth
Backpack, Masterwork, w/
    Monk's Outfit x2
    Trail Rations, 10 days
    Waterskin x2
    Puzzle Box(Complex, Worth 250 gold)
277 gold 6 silver

Height: 6’5"
Weight: 220lbs
Age: 77
Voice Talent: Michelle Rodriguez

Seong is tall and lanky, having a slender but athletic build. Her skin is a bright gold color that looks like soft scales if you were to look closely. She’s somewhat pretty, but her features are alien. Her mouth is a little too wide, and her eyes are a bright red with large slitted black pupils. They give a somewhat snakelike impression, and she seems to be aware of the fact, since her mouth is pierced twice with silver hoops through her bottom lip in a ‘snakebite’ style. Her hair is bright red and thick, falling unbound to the middle of her back.

Seong mostly wears colorful silks, anything that’s revealing and lets her move freely: two things very important to her. Usually this means a pair of sandals, a long skirt slit up the side, and a belly-exposing top with sleeves and a little bit of cleavage. However, she also favors a turquoise Sari dress. Her hair is usually kept away from her face with a length of silk adorned with stones matching the color of her dress. She travels as light as she can, usually lazily depending on the kindness of strangers. As such, she carries as little as she can get away with, which is usually a small bag with some clothes and her bedroll.

The jeweled chain and silk wrap she uses to keep her hair away from her face is enchanted to increase her wisdom. A similar chain kept around her waist is a belt of dexterity, and a pair of thick silver bracelets are enchanted to protect. The jug at her belt is a bulbous clay jug painted black and decorated with purple flower patterns, clearly made by a tengu.

Seong’s birth was to an otherwise perfectly ordinary couple, and as such was taken to be a severe omen. Rather than kill the child(and risk the wrath of some powerful being) she was sent away shortly after birth to a monastery. She grew up there among orphans and other children, training martially and ascetically every day. The old master of the Blind Crane Monastery watched her closely but in secret, believing her to be special.

Seong did prove to be a prodigy. She excelled…when she tried. That was the crux of the problem, actually: At some point after hitting puberty she grew incredibly lazy. She was quite good and still won most of her sparring bouts and passed most of her tests…but more often than not would shirk responsibility, trade in favors to get out of work, or cheat any test she considered beneath her. The masters considered it a blessing that enough of their philosophy ‘stuck’ that she refused to break the law. She grew quite good at manipulating it, however. She was on thin ice when she began to use loopholes or vague wordings in their monastic philosophy against the master, and the last straw was an overnight prank she pulled; she painted all of the monastery’s crane statues pink. Despite her ability to reach some of the statues being impressive, and despite her nature as a clear prodigy, enough was enough and she was kicked out.

She does continue training faithfully along what she understands of their style and philosophy. When she feels like it.

Maiden Goes to Bollywood, Mashup by Wax Audio
Hakan’s Theme, Street Fighter IV
Jecht’s Theme, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


When Falls the Hammer of Night Mousetrap