Bira Tomedelver

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Bira was born the third of four children, but only knew her mother for a short time, as she was killed in a border skirmish with undead forces when Bira was eight and her younger sister was 3. Questions to her father about her mother led Bira to the mountainhold’s Grand Library, which kept records, military and otherwise, dating back 600 years. Reading her mother’s military reports led through natural curiosity to further military records and from there the rest of the dwarven historical chronicles. Her magical abilities were discovered quite by accident when the Master Librarian noticed her reading a captured drow manuscript on their own battles against the dwarves (and cross-referencing it with dwarven records).

Her life within the dwarven mountainhold was relatively uneventful. Since the age of 15, she rarely left the Grand Library, and when old enough to live apart from the rest of her family she took a simple sleeping/study cubicle a badger’s minute from the Library. She recieved a fine education from the greatest scholars in the dwarven realms, with occasional infusions of information from traveling scholars who managed to talk their way in. When she reached her 65th birthday, the Master Librarian decided she could gain no new knowledge within the walls of the mountainhold and volunteered her for a cultural exchange program, to gather tales of the history of other races and spread dwarven tales and songs among them in exchange.

The tome she bears, containing notes, songs, and mnemonics on dwarven history for the past few centuries and reinforced with superior dwarven smithery, is actually a source of minor shame for her. The tome was to be the prize for a contest between several scholars in the Library, herself included. While confident in her own capabilities, she still sabotaged the notes of her closest friend and competitor by the simple expedient of spilling his mug of ale on them while he was off finding another book. She regrets it out of a sense of betraying the idea of scholarly fair play (And a common cultural anathema towards destruction in general), but the event is still a secret between her and a hole in the ground.

She actually hopes to find her oldest brother Korbek Echocaller on this journey. He left the mountainhold when she was 34 (and he 48), and letters from him have revealed he is now a sailor. Her other brother is a smith like their father, and her sister is a priestess of the Forgemaster.

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Voiced by: Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan
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Bira Tomedelver

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