Proud, Regal, Dignifi -- ooh bellyrubs!!


	Initiative +2
	Perception +8
	Low-light vision, scent.
	HP 13; AC 13(+6): Touch 12: Flat footed 11 (+2(2) Dex, +1 natural)
	Fort +5				Base Atk: +1
	Rflx +5				CMB: +3
	Will +1				CMD: 15 (19 vs trip)
    	Str: 15 (+2)			*Feat*: Skill focus (perception)
	Dex: 15/17 (+2/4)		*Skills*: Acrobatic +6 (+14 jumping)
	Con: 15 (+2)			*Survival*: +1 (+5 scent tracking)
	Int: 2				*Melee*: Bite +3 (1d6+3 plus trip)			
	Wis: 12 (+1)			*Tricks*: Aid, Come, Hunt, Defend, Guard, Track
	Cha: 6 (but cute!)

Riding Saddle
Scalemail Barding: +6 AC; +2 Dex; -5 ACP

A giant malamute of a dog, standing at an easy 4 feet at the shoulder, muscle, fluff and enthusiastic nature. He has a black ‘cape’ with pearl grey shadows for his markings, with a white underbelly from the top of his nose to the tip of his large paws. He is very loyal to Zekki and well trained to defend himself (and her!) and in the fine art of running away from the Big Thing. He likes to sniff out new things and gnaw on marrow bones and getting petted behind the ears.

He is an energetic and enthusiastic working dog, with an endless supply of energy and intelligence, which often makes him very interested in everything that is occurring around him and he has a strong desire to help. Even if that help is not specifically wanted at that point in time. This great galumphing friendly riding dog may cause a second glance, but he usually wants nothing more than to be friends. Even though he is not specifically combat trained, he is, however, still a dog and has a myriad of uses, such as guard, tracking or hunting down people or prey.


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