Millenia ago, the Nysilian continent was home to a civilization whose reach spanned the world entire—the Asirian Empire. The legends that survive speak of a kingdom of marvels and miracles. But as such tales often go, man grew proud, and reached for that which was beyond his grasp, and for his hubris suffered the wrath of the gods. The Reckoning fell upon the Empire, and the Empire was no more.

Today, the War of Reckoning is but a terrible legend, and the Empire that came before is even less than that. New kingdoms have risen and grown prosperous—the cold and mountainous Kharzstad, the verdant forests of Cerisand to the northwest, the burning sands and many harbors of Kormoran to the east, industrious Valna to the south, prosperous Albast in the heartlands. All appears to be well in this age of prosperity.

Appearances can deceive.

When Falls the Hammer of Night

Mousetrap RIZero Dzeintra Dareon Ashilyn